Notice: Due to advancements in airsoft pyrotechnics to insure the safety of all players the following policy has been put in place: Airsoft 400 FPS with .36 or lower. Sniper rifles have a minimum mandatory 100 ft engagement with .40 or lower. We do NOT deal in joules and BBs higher than .40 are NOT ALLOWED. Players may be chosen at random for radar spot check. 

Game Safety rules

  1. Full face protection must be worn on the field of play at all times. Players who violate this rule will be asked to sit out a game, or asked to leave the park. Players in the dead zone on the field must keep their goggles on at all times. Players may remove full face protection only when off the field in the camp area.
  2. Barrel covers must be secured around the tip of the gun’s barrel when not in play. Failure to follow this rule can result in ejection from the park.
  3. All safety gear must meet Futureball safety standards.
  4. All players must have their guns choreographed under 285 feet per second for paintball and 400 feet per second for airsoft.

    Notice: Airsoft 400 FPS with .36 or lower. Sniper rifles have a minimum mandatory 100 ft engagement with .40 or lower. We do not deal in joules or allow BBs heavier than .40. Players may be chosen at random for radar spot check. 

  5. Players with guns shooting over will not be allowed to play until the gun is properly set.
  6. Players at no time are allowed to shoot over the protective netting, or straight up into the air, players who violate this will be immediately ejected from the park.
  7. Players are not allowed to construct bunkers, booby traps, or other misc. things. If you have a question about this please consult the referees.
  8. Players are not allowed to climb trees.
  9. Players must use bunkers on the field of play for cover and for cover only, players may not climb on top of them, and or enter inside any vehicles.
  10. At no time is Physical contact allowed, this includes melee kills and barrel tag or tap.
  11. Any player who shoots their gun in the safe zone will be immediately ejected from the park.
  12. At no time are players allowed to shoot at wildlife, players caught intentionally shooting wildlife will be immediately ejected from the park.
  13. Possession of real weapons such as knives, firearms, grenades, explosives, or any type of pyrotechnics are not allowed on premises.
  14. No alcoholic allowed on premise, players are also not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages before or during their time of play. Players suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave the park.

Frequent Questions

Who is allowed to play?
Players 10 years and older may play, those under 18 years must have a waiver signed by their parent. All players must sign a waiver to play no matter their age.

What should I bring?
We rent and can supply players with all the necessary equipment that will be needed, however we do recommend that people wear old clothes.

What should I NOT bring to the park?
Alcoholic beverages, pets, weapons of any kind, air filling systems.

How many games do I get to play?
There are 2 sessions in a normal day of play, morning and afternoon. The average player plays 6-8 games per session.

Can I play both morning and afternoon sessions in one day?
Yes, players with their own equipment can purchase admission for first session and stay the rest of the day at no charge.

If I rent a paintball gun can I bring my own ammo?

Can I bring my own paintball gun and paint? (excludes rental players)
You can bring all of your equipment including ammo on most days.
We do have special events and weekday private games, where outside ammo is not allowed and ammo must be purchased at Futureball playfield special events are posted on our website.

How do I make a reservation and how far in advance?
Simply click the “BOOK NOW” button at the top of the Futureball website. Click in the number of people you have and pick a package. We recommend that groups try to reserve 2 to 4 weeks in advance, as certain dates may book up faster than others. However, it can be done in less time depending on whether the date is already reserved and the size of your group. 

If I have my own equipment do I need to make a reservation?
No, we are open to the public all year. Please check our website to check hours of operation and special events.

Do players get any instruction on how to play the game?
Yes, Players receive a game orientation before going on the playfield. Games are supervised at all times by a referee who run all the games.

Does Futureball do repairs?
Futureball does not offer a repair service; however, we would be happy to give you the name of an experienced technician! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help with small repairs at field.

What is the max FPS limit for airsoft?
400 fps for airsoft.

Notice: Airsoft 400 FPS with .36 or lower. Sniper rifles have a minimum mandatory 100 ft engagement with .40 or lower. We do not deal in joules or allow BBs heavier than .40. Players may be chosen at random for radar spot check. 

Does it matter what weight BBS we use at Futureball?
Yes, Futureball does not allow .40 or higher. Use BBS that you feel are appropriate for your gun. 

What is paintball?
Its a .68 caliber round that is shot with air gun and leaves a paint mark on impact.

What are paintballs made of?
Paintballs are gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye. All contents of paintballs including the gelatin capsule is biodegradable and non-hazardous.

What is the max FPS limit for paintball?
285 fps for paintball.

Is paintball and airsoft a safe sport?
Paintball is one of the safest sports and statistically has the least number of injuries of all sports – which include baseball, bowling, fishing and many other sports. As with any other sport/activity, there is always the potential for injury. As long as standard safety rules are followed and the proper use of industry developed & approved safety equipment is utilized, paintball is one of the safest, participatory sports in the world.

What happens if it rains?
We play regardless of any weather conditions – except hazardous weather.

Latest Reviews

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