Mark your CALENDAR:
Saturday, june 4th, 2022 
9:00am to 5:00pm
The Game!
Candy Land: The Gumdrop War
A Charity Paintball Event!

Everyone always talks about growing the sport. get the kids involved.. but there are almost never any games really geared towards the Young Guns..
Young Guns are truly the future of the sport!
Which is why we are super proud to finally run a format we have talked about for a long time now.
Most games only make small things to do for the Young Guns. like grab props or side missions.
This game will be centered around the Young Guns!
Every half hour only a Young Gun may complete the timed missions to gain points for their team.
but dont worry… we will have some missions & props for you adults to gain points too!! and of course the normal grab props and slapsticks scattered across the field.
This game is about the Young Guns working WITH the more experienced players to help learn the way of the sport.
Teach the future how to play scenario now, so we can actually help grow the sport for the future!
Not only is this game your chance to actually help grow the future of the sport but this is ALSO! A Charity Game!

A young player by the name of Harmony Flanders has rallied the troops of The ZOO Paintball Mitten Tactical Mutant Paintball 313 and Red Feather Paintball to help organize this awesome event over at Futureball Paintball & Airsoft.
Proceeds of the charity game go to the Bobby Jones CSF – Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation, a great charity foundation that is trying to help as much as they possibly can.