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IWI Tavor 21 - Black Competition Level

 IWI Tavor 21 - Black Competition Level

The T.A.R. 21 is a top-notch replica of the IWI/IMI TAVOR TAR 21. The TAR 21 features a high-impact polymer body.

The TAR 21 is striking in a number of ways. At first glance, it is different from any other airsoft gun. The Tavor is the first AEG to be produced after the Israeli TAR 21 assault rifle. The gun has a very solid weight, even given the polymer body. The TAR21 does use TM compatible M4 magazine, so any aftermarket STANAG airsoft magazines should work in this gun.

Externally, the AEG has numerous features to speak of. The built in flip up sights tuck out of the way nicely, but are there if needed. push-button in the foregrip. The safety is located on the left side of the weapon, ideally placed for use by right handed shooters. An indicator shows the current state of the fire selector from the opposite side. The magazine catch is an easily accessed tab in front of the magazine. The charging handle opens the bolt and locks it to the rear, while the bolt release is actuated by a button to the rear of the magazine.

A mini battery is installed into the butt with the removal of a single pin. The TAR 21 uses a slightly modified version 6 gearbox. This allows for use of a wide range of standard internal and upgrade replacement parts. The TAR 21 does featuere a quick-change spring function which allows for easy upgrades or downgrades. The bolt catch also functions as an anti-reversal latch release button.

With the ingenious use of the quick change spring and other advanced internal features, as well as the sheer realism of the external construction, TAR 21 is a sought after AEG. With the included red dot sight and laser, the price tag becomes even more reasonable. Many players will also appreciate the ability to use standard M4/M16 airsoft magazines.

Muzzle Velocity: 398 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 450 rounds
Barrel Length: 363mm
Magazine: M4/M16 Compatible
Battery: Mini type
Package Includes: gun, mid cap magazine, quick loader
Flip up front and rear sight
Functional bolt release
Spring tension release
Quick spring change
Weight 4.95 lbs
Market price: $299.00
Our price: $199.99