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Thompson M1 Tommy Gun with Drum Magazine

Thompson M1 Tommy Gun with Drum Magazine
Thompson M1 Drum Magazine, The Thompson submachine gun was designed for brooming out the trenches in WW1 but arrived to late and in to few numbers to make any difference. Large numbers were produced but because of the world wide depression sales were dismal. The gun was later marketed to the public and could be purchased in mailorder catalogs or hardware stores. Because of a Price tag of $300, nearly the cost of a car at that time sales stayed slow. Gansters flush with money from their robberies and wanting plenty of firepower purchased the Thompson M1 and out gunned the police for quite some time.

This all Metal Airsoft Electric Airsoft gun is as close to the real thing as you may ever come. Full auto and Semi modes, Air cooling ringed barrel with cutts muzzle break, full Drum magazine and Sertial number unique to your gun.

7 lbs
24.6 length
Full or Semi-Auto Function.
Full Metal Body, simulated wood parts
Model of the WW1 thompson machine gun.
Metal Gear Box and Metal Gears
Shoots over 426 Feet Per Second.
450 Drum magazine.
Hopped up system for improved accuracy and distance.
Battery, Charger and speed loader Included.
6mm Airsoft BB's only, 20 gram recommended.

Magazine 435004
battery BAT841050SM

Weight 8.00 lbs
Market price: $299.99
Our price: $169.99